02/10/12 - The RFM12B-DIP Adapter boards are now available. The boards have been through the QA process and are now assembled and ready for dispatch. We are excited to start trading with product number 01!

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RFM12B DIP Module 0.1" (2.54mm) Breakout Adapter

RFM12B-DIP Module 2.54mm (0.1") Adapter

   The RFM12B radio module from HopeRF is available in both DIP and SMD packages but for the hobbyist it makes sense to use the DIP package so that the module can be reused in other projects as needed. However, the DIP package has connectors on a 2mm pitch. The RFM12BADA01 breakout adapter allows testing or installation of a DIP module in a 2.54mm pitch environment without any changes to the original DIP module. The RFM12B module can be removed from the breakout adapter at any time.

"Our aim is to provide high quality electronic products to the student, enthusiast and hobbyist while keeping costs to a minimum in order to support and encourage the next generation of electronics and computing engineers."
- James Brunner, Company Founder

"I have been looking for an adapter for the RFM12B module as until now I have used a jerry-rigged homemade adapter that wasn't very stable. Thank you for making what I needed at a great price!"
- Tom Adams, Electronics Enthusiast