Who are we?

   We are a small, privately owned consultancy company founded in November 2009 focusing on the data and voice networking and management sector for a few select customers. As part of this work, we have undertaken electronic circuit design and valaidation as well as writing code for microcontrollers, PC and servers using C, C++, Visual Basic, Perl and Java.


What do we do?

   In the course of our normal consultancy, we have had to create specific hardware and software tools to validate designs. We feel that these tools would be of benefit to electronics enthusiasts, hobbyists and amateurs and so we decided to turn these tools into commercial products.


Can you design something for me?

   While we are not taking any new private consultancy customers, this side of the business is always willing to discuss new products. Whether we actually make your idea is another matter. We might just incorporate your ideas in with a project we have already on the table.

   The criteria you have to remember is that it must have a viable market (no point designing, building and stocking something if no-one wants it), is must be easy to assemble (if it is aimed at the enthusiast who like to build-it-themselves) and is reasonably priced (there isn't any point designing the best widget in the world if no-one can afford it).

   Please remember that we try to market our products at as near to cost as possible so we would be unable to make any financial renumeration for work or ideas on your part but recognition will be given on our website.


Can I make a suggestion to improve your product?

   We are pleased to hear from our customers with ideas for improving a product. These ideas will be discussed during the next review cycle and, if it is thought that changes would be of benefit to a wider audience then, they will be rolled into an update cycle.

   The same rules apply to suggestions as above - we have to keep our costs as low as possible so would be unable to make any payment in lieu of ideas but recognition is always freely given.


Is the source code for your boards available?

   No, not just at the moment. However, as you can see from the product pages we are quite open with our 'secret sauce' mainly because there isn't any secret! If you want to use the information on these pages to build your own boards then please do. We would prefer to sell you the components or fully assembled boards as a complete package! The source code for the microcontrollers is not currently available from the website but we hope to 'open source' the code into a repository in the near future.


Do you have a forum for customers?

   As mentioned previously, this is a sideline to our main business. We would like to start a forum for customers to discuss using our products but at present we don't have the necessary resources to run one. If you would like to run a forum for our products yourself then please get in touch (email at bottom or see 'Contact') and we'll see what we can do.


Do I have to pay UK VAT?

   If you are based outside of the EU (and, as much as we might not like it, the EU does include the UK!) then all goods are zero-rated for UK VAT. If you are within the EU then all goods are rated at the normal UK rate of 20%.

   If you are VAT registered in the EU (outside of the UK) then you must reclaim the VAT yourself through your normal process. We are unable to zero-rate EU purchases as the extra paperwork and management would have to be reflected in the product prices.


How and when will you ship my goods?

   To ensure safe delivery we will, where possible, use a tracked or recorded service. We use The Royal Mail and Parcelforce as our two main carriers. Most destinations do not cause us concern but for some we will hold shipment for 48 hours to ensure the transaction isn't fraudulent.


Company Information

Nexus Systems Limited is a company registerd in England and Wales (No: 07080732)

Registered Office: 22 Celtic Close, Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire NN10 8NX

HMRC VAT Registration Number: GB 980 8771 72