RFM12B DIP Module 0.1" (2.54mm) Breakout Adapter

RFM12B-DIP Module 2.54mm (0.1") Adapter RFM12B-DIP Module 2.54mm (0.1") Adapter

   The RFM12B radio module from HopeRF is available in both DIP and SMD packages but for the hobbyist it makes sense to use the DIP package so that the module can be reused in other projects as needed. However, the DIP package has connectors on a 2mm pitch. The RFM12BADA01 breakout adapter allows testing or installation of a DIP module in a 2.54mm pitch environment without any changes to the original DIP module. The RFM12B module can be removed from the breakout adapter at any time.



RFM12B USB Interface Module

RFM12B USB Interface Module RFM12B USB Interface Module

   The RFM12BUIM02 is a simple yet powerful USB interface to the versatile RFM12B radio module from HopeRF. The firmware on the module allows the user to select from a range of packet formats (length, node ID, CRC check length etc) with minimal configuration. It also has onboard flash storage to buffer inbound data until it is retreived by the USB host computer. This project is available for self-assembly but please be aware that three components use surface-mount technology and need suitable tools for careful placement and soldering.


USB Digital/Analogue Interface Board

USB Interface Developer's Module USB Interface Developer's Module

   Those of us in the UK who began their interest in electronics back in the 1980s will remember the BBC Micro computer and its powerful User Port, 1MHz BUS and Analogue interfaces. Modern computers lack these interface options and so we designed the USB Digital/Analogue Interface Board to rectify that situation. It offers a range of ports from simple 8-bit digital latches and analogue inputs through to a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) and a separate 4096 address 8-bit bus. It's perfect for quick interfacing of projects with a modern computer.


RFM12B Remote Digital/Analogue Interface Board

RFM12B Remote Digital/Analogue Interface Board RFM12B Remote Digital/Analogue Interface Board


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