02/10/12 - RFM12B-DIP Adapter boards now available

The boards have been through the QA process and are now assembled and ready for dispatch. We are excited to start trading with product number 01!


01/10/12 - Our new website is finished and published

We hope you like the new format. Please let us know of any problems you may encounter. You can now buy our products online using the PayPal shopping cart facility.


20/09/12 - RFM12B-DIP Adapter boards have arrvied!

The first set of boards for the 'RFM12B-DIP Module 2.54mm (0.1") Adapter' have arrived from our PCB fabrication house. They look great and have passed our internal testing. We will begin assembling the first set shortly. High-resolution pictures to follow.


17/09/12 - First boards due to ship this week

This week our order for the RFM12B adapter boards should begin shipping from the PCB fabrication company. Once we have tested them to ensure they match the design and pass our QA process then we will be in a position to start trading.


24/05/12 - Nexus Systems Limited relaunched!

After laying dormant for a long while, Nexus Systems Limited has risen like the proverbial Pheonix from the ashes. We have made a radical change in our business focus and will now concentrate on products from our electronic design consultancy. While most of these designs must remain confidential, we did during the course of this work create some rather nifty tools for testing ideas. It is these tools we plan to market to the amateur, student or hobbyist.

The first products we will offer are based around our work with the RFM12B wireless module and USB interfacing. We are in the process of taking our initial designs and making any changes necessary to ensure each one is a professional product. We plan to offer these products assembled in house and, for the more adventurous engineer, some will be available in kit form.

The first set of naked development boards have arrived from our fabrication house and are being tested. In parallel, the microcontroller code is being written to interface these boards via USB connections and example computer-side software is being developed.

We hope to begin formal trading sometime towards the end of the year. Watch this space!